What are the Rewards Tiers and how do I qualify?

To view the benefits of the 310 Rewards tiers please visit our 310 Rewards Page.

There are 3 rewards levels; Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The higher the level, the greater your rewards. Tiers are based on your qualifying purchases and actions in a rolling 365-day period. For the 365-day period after which you join the Program and/or enter a new Tier, you will earn Points from your qualifying purchases and actions based on the rate for that Tier.

Your Tier level for the subsequent annual period will be based on Points you earn from your qualifying purchases and actions, starting the first day after your enrollment and/or entry into a new Tier and ending on or around Day 365. On Day 366, you may be placed in a different Tier depending on the number of Points you earn in the immediately preceding 365-day period.

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