Why did you change the 310 Shake formula?

We changed the 310 Shake formula to bring you an even more effective, healthier, and better-tasting formula. We are always doing more research, growing, learning, and continuing to bring you the best products possible.

Our new formula is sugar-free, made with only natural sweeteners using special technologies, allowing us to give the shakes the creamiest, richest, best-tasting flavors possible.

Our new formula also has optimal ratios of proven Tri-Plex™ plant-based proteins pea, brown rice, and hemp, which studies show provide both immense weight loss and overall health benefits. We also added probiotics which are essential for good digestive health and advanced immune support. Plus, we added a vitamin/mineral blend and a powerful greens blend with organic superfoods, to ensure you get all the nutrients you need each day. It’s the full package, in one mouthwatering shake!

Due to the proteins and the ratios used, the new 310 Shake formula will also keep you fuller, for longer. This way you won’t be reaching for unhealthy foods, and you will be satisfied until your next shake or meal.

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