How often should I drink 310 Teas?

For a 7-day full body detox: Periodically, or before you start a weight loss program, you may wish to do a week-long full body cleanse. You can use any of the 310 Teas to assist you with this detox. Simply enjoy 3-5 cups of 310 Tea daily combined with eating a clean, healthy diet, drinking plenty of additional healthy beverages such as 310 Shakes, 310 Lemonades and 310 Juices, and exercising.

For daily detox maintenance: Enjoy 310 Teas on a daily basis for detox maintenance benefits. Enjoy 1-3 cups of tea in the morning, afternoon, night or before a workout. Try a cup of tea in place of your usual coffee, or instead of unhealthy snacks throughout the day.

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