Steps to Success

At its core, the 310 Program is simple. Follow these simple steps to succeed and be on your way toward meeting your health and weight loss goals.

  1. Replace 1-2 meals each day with 310 shakes.  

We recommend replacing 2 meals a day for optimal weight loss, but if that doesn’t work you for, start with one! There’s no wrong way to do the 310 program so go with what works best for you and your lifestyle!

  1. Check out 310’s other products to kickstart your goals.

If you’re just starting out and want to kickstart your weight loss, or you have been on the program for some time and hit a plateau, we have a variety of products to supplement your goals! Check out the 310 Products Guide to find exactly what products will work best for your needs. 

  1. Focus your diet on clean eating.

Our products were designed to help maximize your weight loss, but they’re not magic! For the best results, it’s necessary to adopt a healthy eating pattern aside from your shakes. If you’ve never heard of clean eating before, that’s okay- it's what we’re here for! See our Clean Eating Learning Module to get all of the tools you’ll need to start.

  1. Adopt a healthy lifestyle!

There are so many factors in our lives, aside from diet, that lead to weight gain. Exercise, quality sleep and stress management are just some of the many areas you can focus on to support your goals.

  1. Engage with the 310 Community!

At 310, we’re a close-nit family, and we support each other through the Facebook Community- so, make sure to be present! Ask questions, support others and keep everyone updated on your journey. Your journey to health isn’t always going to be easy, but there’s nothing more motivating and encouraging than 270,000+ people doing it with you!

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