Why do we consider 310 Detox Clay to be the best internal cleansing clay product available?

While there are many options for bentonite clay available, 310 Detox Clay stands out from the rest because it is actually 100% pure calcium bentonite clay, direct from the very last mine source for this pure clay, right here in the USA. While many other clays may claim to be “pure”, that is not the case. And purity equals effectiveness and safety.

The source of 310 Detox Clay is also FDA Certified as GRAS which means that its approved as safe to consume...and it states this on the label. (1) If you don’t see this directly on the label of a calcium bentonite clay for internal cleansing, we recommend you be wary, as clays that are not pure or FDA Certified as GRAS may even cause uncomfortable digestive issues and side effects.

Now let’s talk about detoxing…310 Detox Clay bears the STRONGEST clay efficacy ratio available, which means that it works WAY better than the rest to effectively rid toxins from your body. While most clays have a 1:1 or 5:1 or even 12:1 efficacy ratio, 310 Detox Clay has a whopping 37:1 ratio, meaning it absorbs 37 times its own weight of the bad toxins in your body and then gets rid of them! No other detox clays on the market even come close to this incredible detox power!

Finally, let’s talk about alkalizing. Your body needs to be in a state that is PH balanced for optimal health, and you may not realize that this state is also essential for healthy weight loss. 310 Detox Clay helps to get your body into this PH balanced state, with the highest PH level available for a detox clay at 9.7. In this way it helps to alkalize your body – which also helps set the stage for weight loss.


  1. https://www.fda.gov/food/ingredientspackaginglabeling/gras/

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