How do I qualify for free gifts with my subscription?

Qualifications for a free gift can change depending on:

  • Time of your subscription renewal
  • Subtotal value of your subscription renewal

Our free gift program is designed to mirror what is offered online.

For example, if we are running a promotion for a free shaker cup with $75+ purchases, and your subscription happens to renew on a day when the promotion is live (and your subscription subtotal is $75 or higher), you'll receive your free gift with your subscription.

Special Cases:

- If no minimum purchase is required to receive a free gift, all subscription orders within the promotion dates will receive the free gift.

- If there are multiple free gifts available in a promotion, one will be selected by default for you upon subscription renewal. You may contact customer service if you would like to change the free gift option.

- If you skip your subscription, your free gift may or may not change depending on the live promotion at the time of your rescheduled subscription (if you qualify).

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